Thursday, January 12, 2012

Forever Forgetful

Okay so I have totally been forgetting to post here Lol So well...Nothing too interesting has been going on with me, Christmas(I got an ipad!), new years all that fun stuff blahblah
I've really been trying to get myself to start writing a story that I've been thinking about for like a year now! So I am *hopefully* going to start my game today and get working! I will post my progress here :)
Anywhere here are some piccys that i've done since I posted last

Portvale fan art

Random headshots

(I realize now how much the same these pics look lol Either way, I like them both hehe)



 And erm I forgot his name lol
Big thankzies to Mz, for willingly giving  me(Even if she regrets it) Sergei (The guy in the kitchen pictures, also the daddy of Neeka and Annabelle)  Mystic, for giving me the lovely Lynx (The girl in the fireplace pic, and the mommy of said forgotten name child Lol) Ny(Nie), For giving me Kai! (The daddy of Vee) You guys are all amazing! *Hugs*

Oh and while we are talking about babies, I have taken up a new hobby in game...
Ahehehehehe, Also had two more since I took this pic bwahaha

I've also wanted to edit a few pics for fun, but I need to start my game up again and that will take soo long...Well not too long im just kinda too lazy to do it Lol, I've also been wanting to start a story...Did I say that already? I think I did..Lol Oh well. I was also going to write something else here...But I think I forgot what it was...Oh well, musta not been that important

Anyway! Peace out for now! (And hope I remember to post more! Not like anyone cares anyway ahaha)

Edit: Also, I changed the font so hopefully this is easier to read!