Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Love

Ok so I havent posted for awhile. I have been busy with my new best friend.

Meet Portvale

The new best thing EVER! Its an RP made by Jillie and Harlee

My two people are Veronica Lee and Alek Jackson

Check it out! Its awesome!!!!

On other notes- I did a huge slurr of pictures the other day for fun!
Yes. I know, they are all the same. And yes I know that I used four of the same picture.


  1. Portvale looks interesting. i'd join, but my recent experience on sims forums have made me a bit wary.

    The pictures are gorgeous as always. You really have the skills for photo editing.

  2. Those are super cool! <3

    I've noticed that you've been doing a lot of edgier pictures lately.

  3. Hehe thank you Mystic! :)

    Val, what was your recent experience on the forums ? O.O What was wrong?